How Do I Sell My Land as Quick as 1 Hour?!

Buying land doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I try to make it so easy that sometimes I sell land in less than an hour after listing it. This even causes some people to think I am a scam! Realtors will take days and title companies will take weeks to do what I can do. Let me walk you through how I sell land this quickly.

Speed: I get potential buyers the information they need FAST so they can make a decision. Closing documents go out same day and I’m usually available to meet if requested as soon as possible. Realtors will often take days and are unresponsive through email and the phone. Title companies will take weeks to get unnecessary signatures and approval through their attorneys. I want to ATTACK and get you the information you need NOW. Most of my customers can attest I am responding within minutes of them sending me a message or calling me. The faster I answer your concerns, the faster I get my money and you get your land. I value your time as well as mine!

Knowledge: By consulting legal and subject experts in the industry, my knowledge has grown to rival or far surpass real estate agents and brokers in the areas I work. Do you believe that some agents think it’s illegal to sell land without going through a title company?! I’ve heard it and seen it all but when it comes down to it, a deed recorded in the county with appropriate fees is ALL that is required to legally transfer land ownership. With access to proprietary courthouse deed software, I can see exactly what’s going on with a piece of land in almost any area. I do title searches, pull plat maps, and make visits to the courthouse if needed. All of my paperwork has been drafted and reviewed by multiple lawyers specializing in business law and real estate.

Trust: After doing business with hundreds of clients now, people have grown to trust my company. I have people calling me asking for land in entirely different areas from where I typically work! They associate my name with great land deals, especially in Texas. My website and social media presence is growing with more and more reviews from people who are satisfied with the land and closing process I provide. In the end, I cannot allow one deal to ruin my business so every customer counts!

Ease: I make it easy to buy from me! Who doesn’t like that? I provide a simple online checkout that allows down payment to be given by credit or debit card. I have an electronic document system that enables legal documents to be signed within minutes. If requested, I’m available at almost any time to meet by appointment to close a deal.

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