Why Did I GIVE AWAY 10 Acres of Land for FREE?!?

Throughout 2017, my customers spoke and made my company, Jaz Land, a huge success. For that reason, I decided to return the favor and give away 10 acres of land in Presidio County, TX for FREE.

This land had a tax roll value of $2,000 and I had it sold under contract multiple times for $100 down and $100 a month for 36 months. All said, its value is somewhere between $2000 and $3000. It had the mineral rights as well! All you needed for entry was to like my business page, Jaz Land, on Facebook and to submit your email address. Over 60 people entered and the winner was chosen. To prove this is legit, I interviewed the winner, Shyann, and personally brought the deed with my signature!

With this land giveaway being such a great success for myself and the company, I hope to give away a piece of land twice a year. Don’t expect anything huge, but who wouldn’t want a piece of land worth $2,000 with no back taxes and a yearly tax statement of only 20 bucks?! Stay tuned!

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