Storage Wars Land Edition

Ever since I was a teenager and the hit show Storage Wars came out on A&E, I have been fascinated with auctions. In the show’s case, I always found it so amazing that people who sometimes own very valuable assets just don’t pay for their storage locker! This opens up a feeding frenzy for anyone […]

Why Did I GIVE AWAY 10 Acres of Land for FREE?!?

Throughout 2017, my customers spoke and made my company, Jaz Land, a huge success. For that reason, I decided to return the favor and give away 10 acres of land in Presidio County, TX for FREE. This land had a tax roll value of $2,000 and I had it sold under contract multiple times for […]

No Strings Attached Land Deals

When I list a piece of land, I typically get bombarded with a bunch of good questions. A lot of people are first time land buyers or just don’t understand how it can be so easy. They think there must be some sort of strings attached, however I try to remove ALL barriers for the […]

How Do I Sell My Land as Quick as 1 Hour?!

Buying land doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I try to make it so easy that sometimes I sell land in less than an hour after listing it. This even causes some people to think I am a scam! Realtors will take days and title companies will take weeks to do what I can […]

Digging Through Deeds and Title Work

Sometimes I just need to get to the courthouse and dig through the books myself. I often get asked “how do you find your deals” or “how do you know the title is clean”? The answer is always the same: research! Right now at Jaz Land I am a one stop shop. I do all […]